Whether you’re decorating a tank for the first time or changing the décor in an existing one to make it feel new again, here are a few simple decorating tips to help you create a beautiful aquatic environment:

First, use a variety of small, medium, and large plants.

Place smaller plants in front of medium ones, and larger plants at the back or sides to create depth and to ensure all décor is visible. You can also slope your gravel from front to back to add even more depth.

For a more natural feel, cluster plants into several groupings, arranging them in odd number group, 1s, 3s, and 5s.

Mix different shades, colors, and textures but, at the same time, repeat some of the same plants throughout the aquarium for balance and cohesiveness.

Finally, create a dramatic focal point using a single item, such as a resin ornament or a natural rock or driftwood.

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