In todays episode I’m at the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in High Ridge Missouri. The Tom Rose School is one of the worlds elite dog trainer academy’s. Founded in 1979, Employers know a TRS master trainer is without equal. That means TRS graduates are consistently placed in the most prominent positions in the field. If dogs are your passion, then a career in dog training is for you and The Tom Rose School is one of the best places to start!

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In this episode you get to see training videos that Tom and I put together when I was an instructor at the school. For your convenience, the times for each video section is listed below.

00:23 – Leash Pressure Work
03:50 – Random Sits And Downs
05:20 – Teaching The Sendout
06:37 – Backwards Follow Exercise
09:02 – Teaching The Crate Command
14:02 – How To Teach Finishes
16:52 – Focused Heeling
20:10 – Doodling

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