This video is the second video of a series of videos about the Basics of Aquascaping
this video is about Hardscape,
we learned about the story of an aquascape,
then we’ll see Focal point of an Aquascape,
then Depth of an Aquascape.

We are also going to have a planted aquarium ones,
Plant selection of an Aquascape,
Placement of aquatic plants,
and this is towards supporting Indian Aquascpaers participate and compete in International Aquascaping competitions
Very soon we’ll be coming with a plan of action for this, so stay tuned.

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Aquascaping Masterclass Playlist :

Time stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:51 – Creativity is a muscle
03:22 – Sandbox for aquarium hardscape
05:05 – Habit of a Hardscaper
05:39 – Sand elevation for aquarium hardscape
07:33 – Quick announcement for serious hobbyist and aquascapers’
08:11 – Selecting stone for hardscape
10:27 – Observing the beauty of stone for aquarium hardscape
10:47 – Uniformity in stone arrangement for aquarium hardscape
13:16 – Tools for aquascaping and aquarium hardscape
14:11 – Arrangement of wood and stone in aquascape
15:52 – Arranging wood in aquascape
17:03 – Arranging stone in aquascape
18:29 – Highlighting stone in aquascape
20:29 – Highlighting features of wood in an aquascape
21:22 – Wood and stone arrangement in aquarium hardscape
21:50 – Varieties of stones for aquarium
24:44 – Outro

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