This is a quick overview of what it was like caring for Jolly Fish in his first few months, along with several resource and product links below. This video was made back in March and I’m super happy to report that he is doing even better now! Watch for another update video with a few more tips in it.

Jolly has a playlist with all of his videos linked below. You will find videos from his diagnosis journey along with pics of his xrays.
Litter #38:

This is an Amazon list of suggestions for elevated feeders & fountains that I found when I started my research:

Jolly’s first video about his diagnosis:

Jolly’s 2nd video:

Design for Megaesophagus feeder on Thingaverse:

Mega Feeder 3000 $220:

Lighthouse Forge 3D Printing:

The Facebook group, Feline Megaesophagus, is a great place to meet other MegaE parents and get tips and support!

Bowls at Dollar Tree:

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