An EXCLUSIVE piece of content from The Dumping Ground series 8. We re-cap on TDG characters, who they are, where they’re from and their life up until now.

This is Bird’s story, where he talks about his passion for music and who got him into it, as well as who his best mate is, in The Dumping Ground – and you’ll be surprised with the answer for this one. HE also re-caps on the WORST day of his life, where everyone went against him after the office window was smashed as well as how his Dad made him feel with one of the biggest revelations in The Dumping Ground Series 8.

CBBC’s The Dumping Ground has been on air for EIGHT season’s – it’s one of CBBC’s biggest television drama series that focuses on the lives and experiences of young people who live in a care home with their care workers.

The series is a continuation of Tracy Beaker Returns.

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