Fast and Easy aquarium water change for your Fresh Water Fish Tank. Water changes are a must in this hobby. The build up of nitrates and loss of essential water elements can harm or even kill your fish. But aquarium water changes do not have to be a burden. We can do an aquarium water Change very easily using a Python. The Python is very useful in eliminating the need for buckets and buckets. I also discuss the products you MUST use and some optional products I use to keep my fish happy and healthy. (Also we re-introduce a bully back into the main tank)

Products Discussed – (Affiliate Links)
Python –
Seachem Prime Dechlorinator –
API Stress Coat Dechlorinator –

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Products and Equipment I use in my tank (Affiliate Links)

Mechanical Media
Poly-Fil –
Polishing Pad –

Fluval Ceramic Rings –
Seachem Matrix –

Chemical Media
Chemi Pure Blue –
Purigen –

Water Conditioners
Seachem Prime –
Seachem Stress Guard –
Cichlid Trace –
Cichlid Lake Salt –
Malawi Buffer –

Aragonite Sand –
Crushed Coral –

Fluval FX6 –
Fluval 407 –
Wave Maker 1600 GPH –
Wave Maker 800 GPH –
Tank Lighting –
Heaters –
Air Pump –
Water Change Pump –
Water Change Hose –

What I Feed
Northfin Cichlid Formula –
Northfin Veggie Formula –
Northfin Krill Formula –
(Mixed with)
Garlic Guard –
Vita Chem –
Vitality –
Zoo Plankton –

Freeze Dried Jumbo Krill –
Veggie Wafers –

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Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle –

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