In this video we take a look at the 10 best nba players of all time.
NBA will name its 75 best players.
Coming in at no.10 is shaquille o neal. the most dominat force since wilt chamberlain.
when shaq entered the nba he was unstoppable avg 23 points and 13 rebounds as a rookie.
and in the following years he was the reason why players called in sick because they just did not want to play against this machine.
but o neal was not only pure force. especially in his earlier years he was agile, fast, could handle the ball for a big and had a solid post game.
shaq is a player who would have been dominat in any era. and if you think he would have problems guarding todays bigs,
i have to see this is not correct. the orlando magic shaq would have been a yearly mvp in todays game.

And coming in at no.9 Bill Russel
So this one right here will be probably the first controversial decision. I mean this guy won more things than any other player.
On the defensive end he was unbelieveable. He had a super high basketball iq, and was the major reason why the celtics became a dynasty.
So why do I only have him on position no.9

Coming in at no.8 is hakeem the dream olajuwon. Again a player that is missing on many top 10 lists, but in my opinion if he would have won 2 more championships he would have been the best or second best big of all time. if that sounds crazy, hear me out. olajuwon was the perfect big. not only did he have an endless arsenal on offense. i mean we dont need to talk about the dream shake. but on defense he had the best footwork of any big we have ever seen. Not to mention he is the best shot blocker of all time. did you know that olajuwon was in the top 10 of 4 different categrories in one season?
Also he was a 2 time nba champion with a team that never should have won a title.
talk to any nba legend that played against olajuwon and ask them how good this man wasand they will all ltell you the same thing.

and at no. 7 Kobe Bryant.
Now with many lists that i have seen kobe was not in the top 10, which is kind of a mystery to me, how that is even possible. when kobe was the closet to jordan that we have ever seen, how can he not be in a top 10?
Kobe was the complete package. all that you want in a shooting guard. unstoppable on offense, and pure terror on defense.
A guy that would do what ever it takes to win, and. a player that would be unstoppable in any era.

Next on my list I have Wilt Chamberlain. So again a controversial pick. why do i rank wilt higher than bill russell. simple. if wilt would have played for the boston celtics
i am 100 percent sure he also would have won that many rings. and yes, russel was the better defender. but wilt was by far the better offensive player. and again wilt also did not play against the greatest competiojn, but if you look at how wilt played, he would have been trouble in any era.

coming in at no.5 is lebron james. again i am sure that many fans will disagree. i mean there is a reason why many fans rank him as the best player of all time.lebron is a fantastic player. and even though i am not a great fan of lebrons, objectively speaking this guy is the perfect athlete.
He dominated his era like no other player, and is still going strong despite his age. but to explain why he is not in. mytop 4, i have to talk about his flaws. free throw shooting. when the game is on the line, lebron is not the player you want to have on the free throw line.
he is not blessed with the killer geene, which all the other players in the top 4 have. his floopings, his recruiting to play on superteams in order to win championships the easy way, does not always want to guard the best player on the opposing team etc. so there are many reasons why i cant rank him higher.

At no. 4 magic johnson. yes i rank magic higher than lebron. for the simple reason that magic johnson was the definition of a winner.
was he a better scorer than lebron ? no (despite the fact that magic could have averaged more points if he wanted too), was he a better defender than lebron? no he wasnt?
But was he a better floor leader? yes, did he play against stronger competion yes, did he win more championships yes,was he more important for the nba yes? would he do what ever it takes to win yes? would i rather play with magic than lebron ? yes
Magic to me had the better career and to me was the slightly more valuable basketball player

Coming in at no.3 is larry bird. again a decision that not everybody will understand, but larry bird was just that good.
highest basketball iq we have ever seen,
despite the fact that he was not the perfect athlete he could do everything.
he won 3 mvps in a row and also deserved them.
if i compair him to magic there is a reason why i rank him higher. bird was the better shooter, better scorer, better defender, better hustle player (a quality that not many superstars had) a better rebounder and just as good passing wise.

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